Are you excited about the startup world? Regardless as to whether you are currently in the trenches building and scaling a startup - or if you just want to learn more about the startup community - there's an event for you at Startup Boston Week. 

Startup Boston Week is a 5-day event that is jam-packed with all of the educational content and networking you could need to start or scale your startup.


With each event track designed specifically for a functional role in mind - and each event tagged according to company stage - you’ll find all of the tools and knowledge you need to build the best company.

Why did we create Startup Boston Week?

Building and scaling a company is no easy feat! And it’s often a very lonely journey.


In order to make awesome things and build a successful company, you need a community of people that “get it” and support you. We created Startup Boston Week to connect, educate, and celebrate the startup community. 


Whether you’re a first-time founder, serial entrepreneur, startup employee, mentor, advisor, student, or startup-curious, there is a session for you at SBW.

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